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3 Reasons Why Continuing Education is Essential for Miami Roofing Contractors

Oct 27, 2022

For us, education never ends…

3 Reasons Why Continuing Education is Essential for Miami Roofing Contractors

Earlier this year, members of Istueta Roofing’s team attended CCN’s RENOVATE Spring Conference in Phoenix, AZ. The Certified Contractor’s Network emphasizes bringing cutting-edge roofing techniques and technology to the roofing industry.


As such, we frequently attend CCN’s training seminars and other continuing education opportunities to make sure our customers receive the best products and services for their money. We came away from the event with many ideas and refreshing new insights.


We feel that continuing education is essential for all professionals, including Miami roofing contractors. Here are three (3) reasons why:


  1. CCN’s speakers sharing their technique findings helps ensure our customers are receiving the best possible products and services. When businesses from other markets come together and share their tricks and tips, it helps contractors serve their customers in the best way possible. We have both learned and taught some useful tricks at the conferences we have attended, and we always look forward to these learning opportunities.


As progressive techniques reach new markets, competition is forced to adjust and progress. This elevates the level of competition, which at the end of the day, is beneficial for customers, as they will benefit from more competent contractor options and cost reductions.


  1. Continued education helps us remain current with the latest changes in current and future regulations changes. In a manner of speaking, this can help “future-proof” the roofs of Miami homeowners. Also, as regulations are modified, safety guidelines are typically refined, which means your crew will be safer. And safer work crews usually lead to fewer insurance claims, resulting in lower premiums. These savings can easily extend down the grapevine to the end customers.


  1. Training conferences and seminars provide great opportunities to learn about the latest in new roofing materials and technologies. Over the past few years, new roofing materials have been trending towards energy efficiency, which is essential to consumer cost reduction. These learning opportunities have helped us connect with some manufacturers we work with. We have also sourced the materials that we believe are the best in the business, and we love being able to offer those materials to our customers.


CCN: The Best Training in the Business


There’s certainly no shortage of roofing classes and training, and the same is probably true for your profession. But if you’re investing your hard-earned money and precious time into learning, you want to be sure you’re learning from the professional. That’s why we continue to attend CCN’s conferences.


The CCN’s mission is to help contractors build a profitable, growing businesses and improve their quality of life. They deliver the results-driven training, consulting, and tools needed to take your contracting company to the next level.

The experts at CCN have been in our shoes, and they know what it takes to succeed. They offer the training, industry insights, and tools needed to transform all levels of your business into a streamlined, profitable operation.


Instead of hypothetical information, CCN provides real-world know-how from experts who have been there. The speakers are some of the best contractors in the industry and none of them would have succeeded without building an interconnected team and providing courteous, professional, and expert service to their customers.


Our 5 Main Takeaways


Some of our favorite classes at the Spring Conference included the following.


1.Building a Team: As we’re all aware, the market for finding the right employees is exceptionally tight. Exceptionally talented people are the only ones we should be hiring right now, as there are more employment options than ever before. They discussed how to write better job descriptions to attract the right candidates and filter out those who are not the right fit. We also learned where to place those ads to achieve maximum return on our recruiting dollars.


2.Technology: There’s no doubt that technology is a substantial part of our everyday life, and it’s becoming even more crucial in operating a successful contracting company. Today’s prospects carefully examine your website and scrutinize your online reviews because they have become their most reliable source for information.

The speaker discussed how to use technology to attract better leads, convert them into sales, earn 5-star online reviews, and engage in cost-effective branding. It’s not just about knowing how to use Google, Instagram, or Facebook, as these tools are just the beginning.


The session focused on issues related to the residential roofing business, such as uncovering bottlenecks and finding solutions based on the expertise and experience of other residential roofing contractors to help boost your residential roofing business.


3.Supply Chain Issues: We’re all dealing with uncertain business conditions brought on by supply chain issues. Their solutions have been time-tested and proven by others in the CCN Community. They revealed what has worked and what hasn’t in dealing with backlog/supply chain issues.


4.Marketing: Marketing is always a function of finding out where the best prospects are at any moment in time. They reviewed whether roofing contractors should employ someone just to handle their marketing. If yes, should they be included in activities such as handling your website, managing an advertising campaign, networking at community events, and representing your company at events such as home shows?


During that session, they discussed why it benefits you to strike a balance between digital and traditional marketing channels.


5.Storm Damage Preparedness: Is your company prepared for the work that follows a severe storm? You must be prepared to compete with the “storm chasers” who will swoop in on your hometown. You must know how to deal with securing the work, working with the insurance companies, and protecting your company from violating insurance laws.


The Conclusion


Nothing requires us to pursue continuing education, but we’ve learned through experience that learning, training, and never settling for being “good enough” is what separates the average roofers from the world-class ones.


We want our office staff to be the best possible communicators and customer service experts. We want our roofing teams to stay up to date on the latest materials and installation techniques. That’s why we choose to take as many classes and training sessions as we can.


Let us show you what we’ve learned. If you’re in the market for a new roof for your Miami home, call (305) 671-9190 or request a consultation here. Have a look at our latest projects here.

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