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For a Dedicated Miami Roofer, Education Never Ends

Feb 18, 2016

Winter Conference Agenda

Back in January, we had the honor of attending Certified Contractors Network’s Winter Conference. Getting to spend three days in Cancun, Mexico was just a bonus. The real treat came from the classes and training CCN provided. When you’re a Miami roofer, you have to deliver the best service. Nothing else is acceptable.

Nothing requires us to pursue continuing education, but we’ve learned through experience that training, learning, and never settling for “good enough” is what separates the mediocre roofers from the world-class roofers. That’s why we choose to take as many classes and training sessions as we can.

We want our office staff to be the best possible communicators and customer service experts. We want our roofing teams to stay up-to-date on the latest materials and installation techniques. We want you to know that we never rest on our laurels or settle for coasting by.

The Best Business Training in the Business

If you know where to look, there’s no shortage of roofing training and classes. The same is probably true for your profession. But you don’t just find an ad on Craigslist, give a stranger a hundred dollars, and attend their class, right? That’s a recipe for disaster.

If you’re investing your money and time into learning, you want to make sure you’re learning from the experts. That’s why we consistently choose CCN’s conferences and bootcamps. They know what they’re doing– they were built from the ground up by successful, experienced contractors.

In fact, this year at the Winter Conference, they celebrated their 50th anniversary. 50 years!

Who are we going to trust: the shady guy on Craigslist, or the proven contractor organization that’s been helping roofing companies like us for five decades? Yeah, the choice is pretty clear.

When you know you can learn from the best, it’s easy to invest the time and money. When we attend a CCN event, we know we’re taking the extra steps to continue being the best roofer in Miami. They provide us the training we need to better serve you, the Miami homeowner.

What We Learned

This year’s Winter Conference was all about building and growing a world class team. If our roofers aren’t in sync with our project managers and our office staff, how can we hope to be the best roofers in Miami?

We can’t. Our team has to work as a single organism in order to provide you with the best service possible. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to attend this conference. Cancun was nice, but what we learned about crafting a formidable team was even better.

CCN doesn’t teach theoretical stuff, either. They provide practical know-how from experts who have been there. We learned from the best contractors in the world, and none of them would have succeeded without building a cohesive team and providing expert, courteous, and professional service to their customers.

Some of our favorite classes included:

  • Project Management – It was a hands-on challenge for our entire team, and we learned how to be even more efficient as a unit.
  • Office Admin Mastermind – Our office staff got to learn secrets from some of the most brilliant minds in human resources and office management. To be honest, this would have been valuable for anyone who works in an office setting.
  • Residential Roofing Mastermind – We heard success stories from the people who have been there and come out on top. We also got a chance to network with other roofers, and pass some of our tips and best practices onto them.
  • Total Quality Management – In this session, Catherine Honigsberg shared her wisdom on how to provide the best possible customer experience to the homeowners we serve. That includes keeping all our ducks in a row, behind the scenes, and she showed us how to do that even better than we were before.
  • Production Breakout – During this session, we learned about empowering our roofing team members to become better leaders.

Even if you’re successful in your chosen field, you’re never done learning. The world doesn’t stand still. You can sit around and do the bare minimum, but you’ll never be the best.

We feel strongly that Miami homeowners deserve the best, which is why we’ll never stop our continuing education efforts. CCN’s Winter Conference was another great opportunity for us to dial our team in even further and challenge ourselves to become better at what we do.

We’ll never rest as long as there’s more to learn. And there’s always more to learn.


Integrity, Trust, Pride, and Peace of Mind,

~Frank Istueta

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