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What’s the Difference Between a Re-Roof and a New Roof?

Aug 12, 2022

Aerial view of colorful roof on a luxury home in FloridaIf the time has come for your residence to have a roof replacement, you’ve likely been doing some research. Chances are you have come across the terms “roof replacement” and “re-roofing”. It is most common to build a completely new roof in the case of a roof replacement; this is to ensure a consistent age across all roofing materials and to be sure any potential issues with the structure or appearance of the old roof are addressed. However, some homeowners choose to opt for re-roofing, also referred to as a “roof restoration”, instead. This is a process wherein an asphalt shingle overlay is installed on top of an existing roof. The main reason this method is widely accepted is that it is significantly cheaper to have re-roofing done instead of a roof replacement. It is often tempting in life to take the easier or cheaper route, even if that may mean sacrificing quality, but it’s not worth cutting corners on something as important as your home.

Why Choose Re-Roofing?

The pros of re-roofing are few. Since re-roofing involves building on top of an existing roof, it will require less effort and time to get a result that will look very similar to a complete roof replacement. It will also use fewer materials, since you won’t need to replace the underlayment or be as thorough with the coverage of the new layer. As a result of this, a roof restoration will be significantly cheaper than a complete roof replacement.

It is worth noting that only roofs with one layer of shingles will be eligible for re-roofing—most areas have building codes in place that prevent more than two layers on a roof.

The Benefits of Installing a New Roof Instead of Re-Roofing

Usually, you’re looking into replacing your roof because of major issues such as water damage or missing shingles. If this is the case, you will likely not be eligible for re-roofing and will need to have a completely new roof installed.

A roof replacement involves stripping the old shingles off your roof, replacing the underlayment, and installing new shingles or another roofing material. Unlike re-roofing, this method won’t just cover up any issues—it will address them completely. A roof replacement saves you money in the long run because it’s more than just a quick fix. The entire build will be the same age, thus you can expect it to deteriorate at the same rate instead of worrying about the old underlayment rotting away underneath your shiny new shingles. Plus, it’s an opportunity for a knowledgeable roofing contractor to catch and address any structural issues that may be present.

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