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Top 6 Metal Roofing Myths – Busted!

Apr 26, 2023

There are many misconceptions concerning metal roofing. We disprove the top six most common myths below.

Shingles are a popular roofing choice due to their low cost, but they can’t compare to Miami metal roofing when it comes to longevity, superior protection, and durability. And because a home is the costliest thing most people will purchase, it makes sense to guard that asset with a roof that’s going to last. But we find that there are a lot of misconceptions and myths going around about metal roofing. Unfortunately, in some cases, these misconceptions can cause a homeowner to decide not to get metal roofing on their Miami home.



Let’s break down the top 6 myths:


Myth #1: Metal roofs are only available in one style.

Metal roofs provide a sharp, sleek appearance to a home, which many people find very attractive. When considering curb appeal, one of the most attractive things to a future homebuyer is that they won’t have to re-roof the house anytime in the near future.


Miami metal roofing comes in numerous different styles and textures. So, in most cases, homeowners can find an option that fits perfectly with the other architectural elements of their home and looks amazing.


Myth #2: They won’t perform well in extreme Florida conditions.

Our summers get hot, so that’s a consideration when choosing roofing materials. So, what kind of roof is going to heat your home more? The answer may surprise you – it’s shingles!


Today’s metal roofs have two properties that make them exceptionally energy efficient, which makes them great at keeping your home cooler. First, they have a high rate of reflectivity. When light hits the metal roofing, it reflects right back toward the sky.


Second, they possess high emissivity, which means that they deflect the heat energy that strikes them almost immediately rather than absorbing it and releasing it over time.


Shingles, on the other hand, have low emissivity and are not reflective, which means that they take more of that heat and transfer it to your attic. This is a big reason your living space heats up during the daytime hours. When you switch to metal roofing, your air conditioner won’t have to work nearly as hard, and you’ll be able to reduce your energy consumption.


Myth #3: Metal roofing will make the home more susceptible to lightning strikes.

It’s well known that metal serves as an electrical conductor. But that’s not true is that a metal roof will attract lightning. Here’s where the metal on your Miami roof will help you. Because it’s a conductive material, it will disperse the effect of the lightning strike (if you ever have one), diminishing the effect at any one point. Secondly, because it’s not combustible, it will decrease your risk that a lightning strike will cause a fire and cause further damage to your home.

You can be certain that our expert metal roof installation crew will make sure your metal roof is grounded correctly so that if lightning did strike, it would just transfer that electricity right into the ground.


Myth #4: The noise from metal roofing is deafening.

Metal roofing got a bad reputation for being noisy due to the installation methods used 50 years ago. While many people find it soothing to fall asleep to the sound of raindrops on the roof, if that’s not your thing, there’s good news.


The installation method used on your Florida metal roofing has a lot to do with whether you will hear much noise. There are ways to install material between the decking and the metal so that you’ll hardly hear any sounds. As a result, we can confidently say that your metal roof won’t be noisy and certainly not deafening.


Myth #5: Metal roofs are too shiny.

Even though basic metal roofs reflect more solar energy than asphalt roofs, by using the correct coatings and colors, low-glare metal roofs redirect mostly non-visible, UV, and infrared rays. And by releasing over 80% of solar heat gain to keep homes cooler, darker color metal roofs will help reduce inside temperatures during the sizzling summer months.


With today’s metal roofing styles and surface finishes, textures, substrates, profiles, and paint colors, the impression that metal roofs are too mirror-like and shiny is nothing more than a myth.


Myth #6: Installing solar panels on metal roofs is difficult.

One of the most common misconceptions that homeowners have is that because they have a metal roof, they can’t have solar panels installed. Solar panels are guided by mounting clamps and straddle blocks to create a secure environment for well-placed solar panels.


There are also many adjustments to form-fit the solar panels to the metal roof without sacrificing stability or reliability. Another option is to install thin solar panels on certain roofs like Miami seam metal roofing. Thin film solar panels are easy to install and require much less energy to manufacture.


Myths will always occur with metal roofing, but becoming an informed and educated homeowner helps you identify fact from fiction. And when you know the facts, you’ll be equipped to make the best decision.


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