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Masterful Metal Roofing Makes Sense

Apr 22, 2015

Metal roofs are cool. We’ve installed a lot of them. Depending on the material, they can last up to 40-50 years. Metal roofs can withstand powerful winds and nasty weather and also add a modern look to your home. So how much does a metal roof cost? The best answer is: it depends. That question is like walking into Macy’s 

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Berridge Metal Roofing in Miami

Apr 10, 2015

Istueta Roofing is proud to announce our certification for the use of Berridge metal roofing. This new addition is just one of the many high-quality roofing options Istueta Roofing has to offer in metal roofing material in Miami. Berridge roofing products are in the highest end of metal roofing materials and are extremely weather resistant, and we are one of 

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Roofing Miami With Value

Mar 31, 2015

Sometimes a bargain isn’t actually a bargain. There is a difference in price and value. Just because you may offer the cheapest price in town, doesn’t necessarily mean you have the best value. Of course, you as a market savvy consumer already know this. But does everyone? Probably not. That’s why educating all our customers on where their money is 

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We Ask You: How Does Your General Contractor Rank?

Jan 07, 2015

Recently, we conducted a random survey of area residents to find answers to a hot topic in the general contracting community: Why do people choose a general contractor and are they satisfied? The results have provided us a great source of knowledge and understanding at what drives our consumers and exactly how they go about their hiring process. We are 

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Project Highlight: The Ana Isabella Villa Project

Dec 04, 2014

Last month we covered a blog about the glorious Ana Isabella Villa project we had been working on, if  you happen to have missed that blog, and would like to read all the details, you can find them, here. The homeowner was very detailed and specific about what he wanted, down to the interior design of the home. He wanted 

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Shingle Roof Transitioned into a Beautiful Metal Roof!

Nov 14, 2014

The transition from a shingled roof to a metal roof can be difficult, but not for a highly trained and professional installation team like Istueta Roofing! The videos below are two of my favorite. We started out doing a shingle roof for this customer and ended up doing a beautifully mastered metal roof instead… When you’re ready to make that 

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7 Secrets of Roofing!

Nov 05, 2014

There are a lot of tips available to you for selecting a great contractor. Most of these tips won’t actually come as a huge surprise to most or even pose as a “secret” per say… but they are still important, nonetheless! A new roof for your home is very costly, thus making any homeowner cautious to just hand over their 

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Product Spotlight: Redland Clay Tile

Oct 14, 2014

Last week we showcased a job that we completed using Redland Clay Tiles. This job was particularly interesting, as it was a custom, one-of-a-kind piece of work. There will never be another roof like it! And due in part to its magnificent quality, the entire project was nominated for an International Design Award! Nature’s Goodness from the Ground Up! Redland 

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The Ana Isabella Villa Project

Oct 08, 2014

Istueta Roofing was delighted to be part of creating this custom-built home known as the Ana Isabella Villa. It has a one-of-a-kind custom-blended barrel tile roof, courtesy of Redland Clay Tile out of California. In addition, the backyard also boasts a private terrace with a beautiful copper roof that certainly makes this project worth bragging about! Thanks to our friends 

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Our Process

At Istueta Roofing, we offer peace of mind with our high-caliber customer service. Our process ensures your project goes off without a hitch, and it all starts with a consultation. Contact us today to schedule yours.

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Step One
Initial Consultation

One of our knowledgeable consultants will discuss the needs of your project and how we can provide a solution you can trust.

Step Two
Visit Our Showroom

After your consultation, we’ll invite you to our showroom, where you can see our gorgeous tile roofing and other options in person.

Step Three
Custom Solution

Once the work begins, you can trust our roofing professionals to display only top-tier craftsmanship at every step of the installation.

Step Four
Start Your New Project

Istueta Roofing will arrive on time to start your new roof and will keep you updated throughout the installation.

Step Five
Enjoy Your New Roof

Your new roof will be designed for the utmost curb appeal and weather protection. Rest easy knowing you’ll never have to worry about your roof again.

Step Six
Maintain Your Roof

Istueta Roofing will be available to you for ongoing maintenance and questions on your new roof