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Barrel Tile Roofing: One of a Kind

Dec 20, 2022

Barrel tile roofing is known for its timeless and beautiful appearance. Also referred to as S-Tiles, these tiles are shaped like a semicircle and are among the most widely recognized type of tiles, especially here in Miami. Part of the popularity of barrel tile roofing is its aesthetic appeal because it mimics an authentic old-world, classic Spanish look. (Check out some of our tile roofing projects here.)


Barrel Tile Roof
Barrel Tile Roof

Pros of Barrel Tile Roofing

Here are a few reasons to consider having barrel tile roofing installed on your Miami home.

Variety of Choices: barrel tiles have a particular visual design, they can easily be treated with a variety of finishes and colors to give your Miami home a custom look. Whether you want a dated ceramic look or a terracotta look, these options are all available. You can choose some different colors for your roof to give it a texture that is exceptionally pleasing to the eye.


Durability: When installed under proper conditions, barrel tile roofs have been known to last over 50 years. A professional installation will provide a long-lasting roof that will easily repel Miami’s harsh weather elements for decades. From high winds and heavy rain to hail, barrel tile roofs are there for the long term.


Environmentally Friendly: All tiled roofs in Miami are made from natural earth minerals such as clay composites. They contain no chemical additives, which means they can be easily recycled or reused when they’re removed. In addition, they are energy efficient because they create a sizeable thermal mass, which aids indoor temperature regulation.


Pest-Resistant: Unlike other types of Miami roofing, tile roofs are resistant to insect damage. This is another pro that makes it so popular here in southern Florida.


Cons of Barrel Tile Roofing


Here are a few cons to consider when getting a barrel tile roof for your home.


Cost: A barrel tile roof can typically cost two or three times as that of an asphalt shingled one. Clay tile roofs are typically more expensive due to the kiln firing process used in their manufacturing. When purchasing a barrel tile roof, be prepared to make more for an upfront investment that will last you far longer than other roofing choices.


Professional Installation Required: A tile roof requires installation by an expert roofing team to ensure that it’s perfect. The barrel tiles need to be measured and laid out in a pattern that has been identified prior to the installation. It should be noted that installing a barrel tile roofing system is not a DIY project.


Istueta Roofing: The Miami Tile Roof Experts

A barrel tile roofing system can add a stunning finish to your Miami home. Because of this, it’s best to get an expert roofing contractor with many years of experience to complete your tile roof installation.


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