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Top 3 Benefits of Cleaning a Metal Roof

Jul 19, 2022

Suppose your home already has a metal roof, or you’re thinking about purchasing one. In that case, you probably know that metal roofing is a significant investment with many great benefits, including durability and longevity. But when left undone – it can cause your metal roof to fail, requiring early replacement.


What is it? It’s cleaning and maintaining your metal roof.



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Why does a metal roof need to be cleaned?


1. Cleaning a metal roof extends its lifespan. Regular cleaning will extend its lifespan like any other outdoor or household item. When it comes to a metal roof in Miami, FL, regular periodic cleaning helps maintain the panels’ durability. It also helps eliminate any particles on the surface that could affect the paint system or the substrate.


2. Cleaning removes any elements that may have gotten stuck on the roof. These elements may include:

  • Small sticks and leaves
  • Airborne dirt
  • Mold and mildew
  • Pollution particles
  • Pollen
  • Spore deposits
  • Rust stains
  • Water stains
  • Acid rain.


Certain atmospheres, such as pollution particles and acid rain, can cause premature dilapidation of a metal roofing paint system. So how can you determine if your metal roof is degrading? First, look for chalking, the whitish residue that can be seen on a coated or painted metal surface over time.


And keep in mind that when metal roofing panels are exposed to Florida’s UV rays and sunlight, the paint system’s resin can break down. The roof begins to lose its bond to the surface when it remains exposed to oxygen, pollutants, and the sun. As a result, those particles will eventually begin to turn white and, at some point, become visible to the naked eye.


3. Cleaning a metal roof maintains its aesthetics. No homeowner wants an unsightly or dirty roof, mainly because of how much you paid for a metal roof. However, you want it to keep looking good for as long as possible, and simple cleaning once a year will help.


Here are some things to keep in mind when cleaning and maintaining metal roofing.


Homeowners should be aware of the products that shouldn’t be used. For example, several different cleaning materials and chemicals will damage a metal roof.


Here is a list of tools and products that you should never use on your metal roof:

  • Wire brushes
  • Steel wool
  • Paint removers
  • Paint thinners
  • High-pressure power washers
  • Sandpaper
  • Scouring powders.


Hire a professional roofing contractor to ensure your metal roof is cleaned safely and correctly


It seems easy, but to ensure it’s done right, there are strict processes to follow. It’s a worthwhile investment that will ensure your safety and the integrity of your roof.


If you are considering installing metal roofing on your Florida home, or you’ve already had one installed and want it professionally maintained, contact the experts at Istueta Roofing today by calling us at (305) 671-9190. You can also schedule a consultation online here.


For more valuable information, watch some of our metal roofing videos here.


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