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Mar 31, 2015

Sometimes a bargain isn’t actually a bargain. There is a difference in price and value. Just because you may offer the cheapest price in town, doesn’t necessarily mean you have the best value.

Of course, you as a market savvy consumer already know this. But does everyone? Probably not. That’s why educating all our customers on where their money is going is essential to Istueta Roofing. Every homeowner wants a contractor they can trust.

 Istueta Roofing Miami  

Roofing in Miami is a fierce market… that’s why we strive to be the best! To stand out from the crowd. And also why we try to impart value over price. A homeowner can be quick to opt for a cheaper estimate, simply because they don’t know any better. Once you know better, you do better. Isn’t that the age-old saying?

Contractor Costs, Exposed

Below are a few touch-points we share with all of our potential customers. Transparency is the best way you can show your customers exactly what you’re all about. Trust us when we say, your customers will see right through lies. We don’t focus on selling the best price so much as the best value. It’s imperative you give your customers a clear understanding of where their money actually goes when they hire the best Miami roofing company.

  • Insurance

General liability insurance costs cover tools, leased equipment, workers’ compensation, etc. Some contractors might even include this as a line item in their estimate for the sake of transparency. The best policies are those that actually govern the ”additional insureds”, including the homeowner. We find that our clients value the fact that our company is proactively looking out for their best interest.

  • Labor Costs

We are realistic about our labor costs. It’s ok (and recommended) that we treat our employees well. In fact, doing so trickles down to a better customer experience! When we take care of our employees, they will take care of you. Happy employees inevitably lead to better work production. Our employees have been with Istueta Roofing for many, many, many years.

  • Office & Communication

We have always made it a point as a preferred Miami roofing company to commit to excellent customer service. Having an office properly staffed to include full-time receptionists and an adequate labor force is well worth it. What customer doesn’t thrive on quick phone call turnaround, speedy product delivery, and efficient work?

  • Transporation

Every single day a team of workers will be driving to and from our homeowner’s residence. These costs quickly add up. Extra fees might include renting a dumpster, hauling away debris, material transportation, or renting out large equipment. We make it a point to keep your home clean and tidy while we work. Your home should remain livable while getting a new roof installed!

  • Warranty

We believe so strongly in our company’s ability, as well as the products we sell, to offer a warranty that is nothing short of the best in the Miami roofing market. Many clients look for a warranty in the event something goes wrong. Being the best in your field gives you the ability to offer such warranties, but the security in your work that your customers won’t actually need it.

In short: you get what you pay for. The value of what we offer matters significantly more than the physical price.

Check out our helpful printable checklist to help you select your next contractor.

~Frank Istueta

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