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A Roofer with Integrity

Jun 13, 2014

Next up on our list of core values is integrity. When you’re looking for a contractor in Miami, it’s important to find a company that prioritizes and insists upon integrity. You need to be able to rely on them. After all, your roofing project is not something to take lightly.

Why Integrity?

When I first started in the roofing business, I saw that there was a need for better quality work. The people in our community were in desperate need of a contractor that didn’t do bad work – or worse, disappeared for weeks, sometimes never to return!

Many problems in the industry were rooted in the character of the contractors themselves. They just didn’t have much integrity. Unfortunately, a lot of people still feel that contractors aren’t very honest – maybe even more so with roofing contractors.

At Istueta, all of our decisions are guided by the principle of Integrity.

How do we Show Integrity?

One of the primary and most important ways that we display this core value is through the jobs that we take.

We’d love to do the work for any client, but we will not take on a job if it means that you aren’t going to be happy with end result.

Additionally, we won’t use a product if we know it won’t work well or it is of a lower quality. If we can’t be proud of installing it, and you’re not going to be happy with it, then it’s not something we want for our customers!

It takes integrity to do that. It takes a special person and some personal character to say, “I’m not going to work with this product because I know what it can do.”

We aren’t afraid to lose a job because above all else, we care about the homeowner’s satisfaction.

Employees with Integrity are an Integral Piece of our Company

Of course, I can only do so much. The employees that work at Istueta Roofing need to have integrity as well. Here’s a story that makes me happy every time I hear it.

A while back, we worked on a metal roof for a couple. One day, the husband was outside on his terrace and he could hear the roofers working above him. My guys were unaware that he was listening, though.

During their conversation, one of them mentioned a spot that was off by about a ¼ of an inch.

He thought, Oh well, I guess they are just going to leave it.

Then, as the conversation continued, they decided to take off the problem area and do it again with a new piece. That made him feel like he made the right decision in hiring us.

You can hear the story from the couple in this testimonial video. It starts at 1:50.

Miami RoofersIntegrity Strengthens Relationships

On a person-to-person relationship level, integrity is so important. If one person in a relationship lacks integrity, it won’t work.

We don’t think of the people we work with just as clients. They are people who we have strong ties with. We strive to establish a great relationship with each and every one of you. In order to do that, we must show you that we have integrity.

When we are considering working with someone, whether it’s a client, manufacturer, supplier, or contractor, we are selective and want everyone to have our clients’ best interests at heart.

If you are ready to work with a roofer known for integrity, give us a call and put us to the test. We’ll take care of you!

~Frank Istueta

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