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Why Your Metal Roof Requires Quality Fasteners

Mar 06, 2023

A well-built and properly maintained roof is an essential component for ensuring the durability and efficiency of any dwelling.

Today Istueta Roofing is discussing how quality fasteners are one of the most important components for the viability of your Miami roof.



5 Reasons Your Miami Metal Roof Needs High-Quality Fasteners

It’s sometimes irresistible to review an itemized roofing quote and look for places to decrease costs. But any time you replace a less expensive item, you shoulder the risk of substandard quality. An expertly built roof made from high-class materials can stand considerable wear and tear from the elements. Although fasteners comprise a comparatively small component of your entire roof installation, they are a crucial component. Fasteners literally hold your entire roof together.


You need to choose fasteners that create an impermeable seal and will continue to do so throughout the entire life of your roof. Here are some reasons why.


1. Make the Roof Last:  In your roofing quote, it’s important to include how many years you can expect it to last. It might be tempting to try to save some money by choosing a less durable roof, but when you consider that it will have to be replaced every ten years or so, the savings quickly vanish. Correct installation includes using fasteners that meet or surpass the projected lifespan of all other materials being used.


2. Resists Rusting: Rust buildup is one of the main culprits that will shorten your roof’s lifespan.

Stainless-steel capped or aluminum/zinc heads, which are superior to painted heads, are made to last longer than, or as long as, the metal roofing panel. Wind, rain, and direct sunlight can quickly wear away the paint, which will cause them to rust. When a fastener starts to rust, it will spread into the panel where it’s installed. Heads that last long will stop rust and keep your roof sturdy and looking great throughout its lifetime.


3. Superior Thermal Performance: Each screw represents a thermal conduit that can allow heat to escape. While the effect of one screw in your roof is nominal, the cumulative effect of all the screws can be harmful to your building’s R-value. Quality fasteners help minimize their impact as thermal conductors because they are made from a less conductive material. These materials guarantee that the final product will give you more control over the internal temperature of your home.


4. More Aesthetically Pleasing: Never underestimate the value of a beautiful roof. (Click here to check out videos of some beautiful metal roofs we’ve installed.)

High-quality screws not only support the structural integrity of your roof, but they ensure an attractive and seamless appearance throughout your roof’s lifespan.


5. Reduced Labor Costs: Sometimes, you really do get what you pay for in life, and that applies to roofing screws. Discount or inexpensive screws are often inconsistent and poorly fabricated. It doesn’t make sense to try to save money on screws only to have to purchase three times as many because your Miami roofing contractor keeps finding unusable screws. Cheap screws often increase installation time when they break off during the installation.


With the highest quality materials, you’re simplifying the installation process and letting your installers focus on creating the best possible result.


If you’re considering a metal roof for your home or business, trust the experts at Istueta Roofing and their decades of experience. To make sure that your new metal roof is expertly installed using the highest quality products, call us today at (305) 671-9190 or click here to schedule a consultation.


In the meantime, take a moment to view some recent examples of our work here.



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