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How to Dress for Success as a Roofing Contractor in Miami

Oct 03, 2013

If you know me, you know that I’m a stickler for dressing professionally, especially when it comes to employees of Istueta Roofing, my Miami roofing company. So, I thought, why not write a blog post about it in hopes that other contractors in Miami will follow suit?

You’ve seen it before… Contractors who show up to their first meeting with a prospective client in dirty jeans, work boots, and a hard hat. Although this is somewhat expected from the client’s point of view, it sets a somewhat unprofessional tone to the meeting, no?

I’m a firm believer that your first impression sets the tone for the relationship you are going to have with someone. When it comes to business, you want that first impression to be a good one!

Clients get that you are going to be doing a physically demanding job for them and that at some point you and all of your staff are going to be getting dirty…HOWEVER..The job has not started yet. Your first impression needs to be one that shows that at the end of the day.. you are running a business and that you value professionalism.

When I go to meet a client for the first time, I try to look my best. I make sure that I look professional and above all, clean and tidy. Not only do I look my best, I make sure my vehicle looks its best as well. I have a clean truck, business logo visible to the street ( neighbors will then know who you are ), and I never park on the clients driveway.

If you want to impress your client and show them all the best qualities in your company, start with yourself!

Everybody’s Crazy Bout A Sharp Dressed Man

Here are some tips on how to dress for success in this industry:

  • This seems like common sense but some contractors routinely show up at a potential clients without having showered, shaved or even changing out of their dirty work clothes. It is important to always be clean and well groomed on your first meeting with a client.

  • Take the time to discuss any specific attire that must be worn inside the premise of a business.. Dentist offices and medical clinics may require you to wear shoe covers. Rural jobs may require boots of some kind. Homeowners typically are more concerned about keeping their floors clean, wear shoes that are easily removed and ensure that your pants are clean if you plan on sitting on their furniture.

  • Jeans can be appropriate if paired with a nice shirt and shoes if the meeting is casual, however they should be free of holes and wrinkle free. Khaki pants are similar to jeans and the above recommendations apply to those as well.

  • Dress for the weather. If it is hot out, shorts are appropriate but they should have pockets and be of a dressier variety. Sports shorts and sport wear is never appropriate.

  • T-Shirts are typically not a good option unless they are company shirts. These still need to be clean and wrinkle free.

  • Tank tops and any type of sleeveless shirts should NEVER be worn.

  • Suits are not usually recommended as customers will think you are not the real contractor, but a sales rep for the company. This is not the impression you want to give a potential client.

Now that you look the part, make sure you have the right supplies with you to keep your meeting running smoothly. The items that are essential to any first meeting with a client are:

  • Business Cards

  • Product and material samples

  • Brochures

  • Client testimonials if you have them available

  • Any licenses or certificates of training

  • A leave behind package that contains the quote, product samples that you have discussed and any pertinent information related to the discussed project.

These tips not only give you a professional look but also give you the tools to make your first impression a good one.

Thanks for reading,

Frank Istueta


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