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We Ask You: How Does Your General Contractor Rank?

Jan 07, 2015

Istueta Roofing General Contractor Rankings

Recently, we conducted a random survey of area residents to find answers to a hot topic in the general contracting community: Why do people choose a general contractor and are they satisfied?

The results have provided us a great source of knowledge and understanding at what drives our consumers and exactly how they go about their hiring process.

We are pretty intrigued with the level of varying results and plan to use these analytics to incorporate the demands and needs of our own customers.

Take a look at what we found…

You Spoke, We Are Listening!

Our main question was, “Think back on the last time you hired a general contractor… what was the main reason you chose them?”

What we found was that overall, Reputation rated the highest across all boards. And because reputation is one of the key principles that we work hard to incorporate, every day, we couldn’t agree more with how this one ranked in the results.

33-percent of consumers agreed that reputation was their main reason for choosing their General Contractor.

Coming in at a very close second was Referral based. 31-percent agreed that a referral from another person is as important as the reputation that precedes them. When someone recommends a general contractor to their friend, coworker, or loved one it’s because they trust them. They are pleased with their quality of work, and are willing to refer them to someone they care about. That’s big. Really big.

Quality vs Dinero

Both reputation and referral come in above price, and if you’ve followed our blog before, you are aware that we always say, “It’s better to pay for a job done right the first time, than pay for a job done twice”.

Here’s Where it Gets Interesting!

Istueta Survey Results -1

What we found pretty interesting was the battle between Referral and Reputation for the top spot in an Urban, Suburban and Rural setting.

Those individuals residing in the Urban and Suburban parts of the state put Referral in the top spot. 36-percent in an urban location and 33-percent in a suburban location.

Istueta Survey Results -2

While Rural residents heavily factored reputation as their number one concern at a whopping 50-percent!

Price came in second at 17-percent, with referral a close third at just 16-percent.

Mars vs Venus

Something else we found intriguing was the direct difference between the responses between male and female responders.

Istueta Survey Results Mars vs Venus

Female consumers favored a general contractors reputation above all else, by 52-percent, while their male counterparts only gave reputation a 44-percent rating.

But, when it came time to discuss price, male consumers ranked Price as their highest choice at 22-percent. Females only giving it a little less than a 16-percent importance ranking.

So, these results pose the question, do men tend to dwell on the price of a job, over the quality? While it seems, females are more focused on quality and not so much about the overall cost.

Last, But Certainly Not Least

We asked area consumers if they were satisfied overall with the contractor they had hired previously, and it was a delight to see that 65-percent of them said they were!

So now we ask you, does your team boast a satisfaction rating as high or (preferably) even higher?

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~Frank Istueta

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