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A Beautiful New Roofing Product For Your Miami Home

Aug 22, 2013

If you talk to any roofer in Miami they will tell you that the most important quality in a roofing material is the longevity.  The second most important factor is cost.  When looking at your roofing material it is important to weigh the longevity of it against the cost.

Today, more and more research is suggesting that metal roofing systems are the more cost effective solution to your roofing needs long term. Not only are these roofing systems more cost efficient they are proving to be more energy efficient as well.

We recently worked on a very high end home in Miami Beach using a very special product called Rheinzink. This product is amazing and really, in my opinion, the future of roofing. This product is composed of titanium and zinc, which makes it extremely durable and long lasting.

When I spoke to the client about what his goals were for his roofing system, he told me he was looking for durability, long life cycle, and beauty. I knew as soon as I heard that he was looking for beauty and longevity, that Rheinzink was the perfect fit.

Metal roofing, although slightly more expensive that traditional roofing systems, are gaining popularity especially in certain climates.

Miami Beach Humidity

The Miami Beach home was located right on the beach so we had to keep the moisture and humidity in mind when we were looking at material options. One of the nice things about Rheinzink is that it patinas with age much like a copper roof. This patina gives the roofing a natural coating that adds a layer of protection to the material which makes it last much longer than traditional roofing.

Metal roofing is very popular in Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Asia. This trend started with commercial buildings as the most reasonable and cost effective way to roof large buildings to ensure that it would last and survive any extreme weather.

While Rheinzink is expensive mostly due to the cost to import it from Europe and perhaps not within everyone’s budget, other metal roofing materials are becoming more and more budget friendly.

3 Reasons To Choose Metal Roofing

Here are 3 great reasons to consider a metal roofing system for your next roofing upgrade or for your newly constructed home.

1) Energy Conservation

  • It has been shown that metal roofing can result in an energy saving of up to 30%.

  • Metal roofing systems also allow for thicker insulation of up to an R-value of 40, which will have no effect on the roof service life.

2) Reduced Air Conditioning Cost

  • Metal roofing systems act as a heat repellant during the summer months so that homeowners can reduce air conditioning costs.

  • Cool metal roofs are gaining popularity because governments are now offering rebates and energy credits for contractors and building owners who opt for cool roofing systems.

  • Cool roofs also help mitigate the urban heat island effect, which will help reduce smog formation that stems from the reaction of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic chemicals.

3) Environmental Sustainability

  • Metal roofing is 100% recyclable.

  • Most conventional roofing is sent to landfills and even considered hazardous waste at times.

  • Most metal roofing contains between 25-28 % recycled materials.

After looking at all the benefits of metal roofing systems, it may be the most economical choice you have for a long lasting, energy efficient, and environmentally sound roofing solution!

Thanks for reading,

Frank Istueta

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