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What’s Hot and What’s on the Horizon for 2016

White metal roof We’re Miami roofers, but we’re interested in what’s trending for roofers across the country, too. Whenever we meet other roofers at a conference or industry event, we always ask them what’s hot and upcoming in their area. We keep up on trade publications and industry websites, too, and they’re all pointing to the same trends– white is the hot color for metal roofs, and metal roofs are only gaining in popularity.

We’ve learned about a surprising trend in metal wall panels, too. Regardless, there are clear reasons why homeowners are gravitating toward metal roofs, and a reason why they’re particularly interested in white metal roofs.

White is Hot

Your brain might not immediately make a connection between the color white and a metal roof. For years, our brains didn’t automatically make that connection, either. Since we’ve seen the benefits, though, we’re now making that connection more readily.

Metal roofs are already resilient and energy-efficient (more on that in the next segment of this article), but white roofs are extra-reflective.

An article by green remodeler, Paul Kazlov on called ‘Metal Roofing: An Unlikely Way to Reduce Waste and Save Energy’ explains:

“Moreover, while white coatings on other roofing materials displayed a 25 to 40 percent drop in their initial reflectance, the metal roof tested retained most of its initial solar reflectance during the study. In fact, researchers found that pre-painted metal was able to keep almost 95 percent of its reflexivity.

… As a recent case study on the trend of cool metal roofing in North America points out, dark colors can absorb significantly more solar radiation than light ones. Therefore, switching to a white or light-colored metal roof will not only reduce energy spending by 20 percent, but also make your home 50 to 60 degrees cooler than a conventional dark-colored roof.”

Even unpainted metal roofs usually exceed minimum Energy Star standards, but white metal roofs blow them out of the water. Green Building Advisor has some surprising statistics on white metal roofs here.

You can see why homeowners are leaning toward white roofs: the savings and environmental effects are too big to ignore. Plus, if you pick the right metal roof and the right installer, they’re easy on the eyes, too.

Metal Roofs Gaining More Momentum

Metal roofing is the fastest-growing segment in the residential market. Homeowners are increasingly concerned with their environmental impact (a trend we fully support), but they also want a roof they won’t have to worry about just a few years after it’s installed.

Metal roofs boast unmatched longevity– a properly installed metal roof made of top-quality materials can last over 60 years. According to the same Triple Pundit article, a metal roof has two to three times longer lifespan than an asphalt shingle roof. Metal roofs last longer than any other type of roof, period. Rest assured, they’re a sound investment.

Metal roofs are also weather resistant. We’re Miami roofers, so we can attest to how important a roof that just shrugs off the worst wind and rain is. They’re also fire resistant, which is great for our friends in California and the Northwest. They repel many common pests that like to infest other roofs, too.

Like we mentioned in the previous section, they’re also eco-friendly. They reflect the sun and save on energy bills, and the materials are also recyclable, once their considerably long lifespan ends.

From the article:

“Considered a ‘cool’ roof, metal roofs are an energy efficient roofing solution that will save homeowners up to 40 percent in their energy expenditure. Using a solar spectrum reflectometer and an emission meter to conduct a three-year study on the energy efficiency and service life of metal roofing systems, Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Buildings Technology Center found that the high solar reflectivity and emissivity levels of cool metal roofing can greatly mitigate urban heat island effects.”

Metal roofing is only gaining more momentum among savvy homeowners, especially in South Florida.

Metal Wall Panels? Maybe

There’s one more possible trend worth talking about– metal wall panels.

We’re not sure if they’ll catch on quite like metal roofs or not, but we’re keeping an eye on them, because they have real potential. Companies like Pac-Clad are pioneering these panels, and they’re much more than just big slabs of metal.

For starters, they can spruce up any home or commercial building, because they attach to walls that are already there. They’re relatively cheap to install and, much like metal roofs, they’re also inexpensive to maintain. From what we’ve seen, they look sharp, too.

Metal panels increase durability and weather resistance, and they’re a good way to revamp aging buildings. Like we said, we’re not sure if they’ll catch on or not, but we’ll be watching closely.

As Miami roofers, we see what’s hot and what’s not for Florida homeowners, every day. We’re liking this white metal roofing trend, and we think metal roofing is good for both the homeowner and the environment. We can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Integrity, Trust, Pride, and Peace of Mind,

~Frank Istueta