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Value or Price

Value or Price – How much is peace of mind worth?

When comparing proposals, these are a few points, among others, that should be considered:

– Scope of work and specifications (materials being used and methods of installation)

– Job site supervision (is the owner involved in daily operations? Does the crew have a production manager, does the client have expert account managers to contact if a problem occurs?)

– Company track record (how long in business? BBB rating? Manufacturer certified?)

– Warranties offered (workmanship and material – company and manufacturer)

There’s always a way to have an unsustainable lower price by using cheaper materials, doing the job less effectively, using unqualified and uninsured laborers instead of insured and experienced craftsmen – but at what cost to the final product? Will the client be pleased with his low priced roof when it begins to fail prematurely and the ensuing interior damage and aggravation? Will the unsustainably low priced company still be in existence to back up their poor work?

Istueta Roofing’s 26 years in business and thousands of satisfied clients makes a compelling argument that our price is right.

Is the small saving in cost worth the increased likelihood of dissatisfaction and headaches? How many clients would love to turn back the clock and happily pay the difference to have chosen the more reliable company after a disastrous experience?

As the most reputable roofing company in South Florida, Istueta Roofing is always striving to find that perfect balance between value – excellence in experience, quality, knowledge, materials, workmanship, and service – and the best possible price for our clients.