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“Take Pride in Your Work, Not Yourself.”

Istueta Roofing has 3 core values: Integrity, Trust, and Pride. We waited until the end to highlight Pride so we could fully explain why this is an important value to us in Miami, Florida.

Joe DiMaggio really hit the nail on the head with his famous one-liner! “Take pride in your work, not yourself”.

If you were to look up the word pride in the dictionary, you would see that it doesn’t have a very positive description, nor does a thesaurus provide any great synonyms!

Many people mistake pride for arrogance, egotism, or vanity. But to us, pride is being confident and displaying a positive, can-do attitude. It’s knowing your worth and not settling for anything less than your best, and the very best of your business!

Be Confident, Not Cocky!

We want people to see our business for the work we have done and to see our employees as individuals who are confident, not cocky; positive, not conceited. We want to live up to the reputation we have built on trust and core values!

The importance of pride in your business is also observed by how your customers prioritize your products and services! A survey conducted with over 100,000 small businesses nationwide found that people will put service ahead of price!

Istueta Roofing American Shoppers

A tragic fallacy is that customers are obsessed with price over quality. That is simply not true! Today’s consumers are all about Quality! Quality! Quality!  A business that can recognize the pride in its work and the quality of its services, a business that puts its customers first, will always benefit!


Creating Pride—in Everyone!

Here at Istueta Roofing, it’s not enough for me, as the owner, to have pride in this company. I want our employees to take pride in their work and this business, as well! It takes hard work and dedication to keep a business running!

When pride is present at work, it will inspire individuals and teams to achieve more and build upon each other’s strengths, thus creating a phenomenal workplace!

There’s no magic formula to create pride in your business or workplace, but you can be certain that creating a name based on pride, integrity, and trust is a solid step in the right direction!

~Frank Istueta