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Survey Says – Reputation Matters: Now What?


Recently, Istueta Roofing polled over 500 people in an effort to understand why consumers hire one general contractor over another. Well, the results are in!

Our most recent blog entry, How Does Your General Contractor Rank summarizes the survey findings.

So, now what?

Reputation, Reputation, Reputation!

Reputation proved to be the most important factor in choosing a general contractor. This is great news for you (and every other business owner) because establishing a reputation is in your control.

Istueta Survey Results

Let’s cover a few things that are helpful in building a professional reputation, shall we?

How to Build a Good Professional Reputation:

  • Deliver what you promise – This is a big one!

The credibility of your business is strongly built upon your company’s ability to honor the commitments that have been promised to each and every client. Don’t make a promise that your company can’t keep. Be prompt, efficient, and stay within the proposed budget.

  • Under promise, over deliver – A wise saying that carries a lot of value!

The best way to set your business up to succeed, is to under promise, over deliver. Customers will rave about your services when you’ve gone the extra mile.

Always give yourself more time to complete a task than you think will be entirely necessary.

  • Hire the right employees

It’s better to hire no one than the wrong one. Your company’s reputation is heavily built on those who work for you. Do your research before hiring. Then, keep your team members happy. Happy employees equal happy customers.

  • Keep confidential things confidential – 

Credit card numbers, email addresses, tech passwords, and telephone numbers are all confidential and should remain so.

  • Get out in the community & do some good!

Have a company presence within your community. People love hiring a company that is known for upholding strong morals. These strong morals imply a degree of Integrity within your company, which in turn builds trust.  Every customer wants to trust the company they hire.

  • Welcome critical feedback – seek it out even!

Criticism is one of your company’s greatest gifts. Use feedback as a way to continuously improve and grow.


And a Close Second Goes To: Referrals!

A close and competing second to reputation in influencing hiring choice of general contractors was referrals. And how do you acquire referrals? By retaining a great reputation of course! If clients have a positive experience with your company, they are more likely to refer that company to their friends and neighbors.

Think about this: it is more difficult to expand your clientele with cold calls and indirect advertising than it is to treat your existing customers well. Give them a reason to remain your customer and refer you around like hot cakes!

For this very reason, your existing customers are your best (and most affordable!) marketing force.

Be proactive about building your company’s reputation, and start with those you’re currently serving.

How do you get referrals you ask? Here are some of the tried and true ways we are grateful to have received!

Referrals: What We’ve Learned

  •  Treat your existing customers well

This is kind of self-explanatory, but it’s a very important aspect that deserves your attention! Treating your customers well will go a long way. Establishing trust will keep your current customers coming back. Not only that, but they will recommend your company’s name around like nobody’s business (but yours, of course).

  • Ask for them!

Consider offering a special promotion to clients who refer new people to your company. Kind of sounds cliché, but some people don’t think about this unless it’s presented to them, matter of factly!

  • Network & Develop a presence in your community

Partner with other companies, organizations, or events within your city. Clients aren’t the only ones who can refer your business, other companies can too! Get out there, meet new people, and support a cause or two while you’re at it.

The time to start building and molding your company’s reputation is now. Our hope is that you can take some of the wisdom we’ve gained over the years and incorporate it into your own business!

Good luck!

~Frank Istueta