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Start With a Good Roofing Plan to Ensure Success

Good planning is critical to any successful project – especially if it happens to be as important as a new roof or making roofing repairs. Below, we have compiled a list of tips, guidelines, do’s and don’ts that can help make sure your roofing job comes off as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

There are lots of Miami roofing companies to choose from, and you should choose a roofing contractor with extraordinary care. Here are some guidelines to help you with your search and develop a quality roofing plan.

  • Select roofing materials and colors that best match your house, resulting in the best final appearance.
  • Check with friends, family members and neighbors to get referrals of roofing companies.
  • Always request to see evidence of liability insurance and workmen’s comp insurance.
  • It is in your best interests to choose a contractor that has the experience, process and goal of minimizing disruption, noise, dust and dirt, especially if the job entails removing an old roof.
  • Identify the scope of the work to be completed (including clean up) and have it written into your proposal. Make sure you get it in writing.
  • Recognize the critical parts of your roof, like flashings, valleys, vents, and underlayments and ask your roofing contractor precisely how they will be detailed.
  • Be sure to discuss any special features such as skylights and a new gutter system if one is being installed.
  • Make sure your roofing contractor secures all required building permits.
  • Review and understand the roofing material manufacturer’s installation directions and product warranties.
  • Make yourself available to the roofing contractor while the job is in progress in case something comes up which requires a decision on your part.
  • Do not make your final payment until you are completely satisfied that the work was completed as per your proposal.
  • Obtain lien releases from every party involved in the job (roofing contractor, material supplier, etc) before you make the final payment.

Remember, as is the case with many service industries, the most important thing is to choose a roofing company with integrity and one that is fully staffed and consists of a client service team, a production team, and a client representative team. Do your homework upfront, and you’ll end up making a great decision that will make your roofing project a successful and comfortable experience.