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Sandy Now, Cool Times Ahead

South Florida is very lucky to have dodged Hurricane Sandy’s wrath on Thursday and Friday, bringing only periodic rain and wind.  The wind gusts have reached tropical storm strength throughout the past two days but the good news is on the way starting this weekend.  The wind and rain will begin to wind down throughout Friday and Saturday as Sandy pushes north. The best news about Sandy is that a noticeable change will come to the region early next week.  A cold front that is currently bringing frigid temperatures in the Midwest will make its way to South Florida sometime on Monday with a reinforcing shot by another front late next week.

The weather conditions for this upcoming weekend will still be focused on the windy conditions blowing now from the northwest between 15-25 mph with gusts of up to 35 mph with the stronger winds occuring on Saturday.  The conditions for both days will be mostly sunny skies except with early showers on Saturday due to Sandy’s exit. We’ll have morning lows in the lower 70s and afternoon highs climbing into the lower 80s.  On Monday, the conditions will be the same as the weekend but with slightly lower winds and a noticeable a drop in the temperatures, especially at night.  The afternoon highs from Monday through Wednesday will be in the upper 70s with mornings lows into the upper 50s.

Hurricane Sandy is now over the northern Bahamas with winds of 80 mph and moving north at 6 mph. The storm has weakened since yesterday by encountering wind shear (winds in the upper atmosphere) and dry air from the south. Sandy should barely maintain its hurricane status as it moves north. The storm’s next target is the Northeast with landfall due sometime on Tuesday but where in the region it will make landfall is yet to be determined. The storm will also counteract with  a cold front from the Midwest bringing colder air to the system with a possible hybrid combination of tropical and extratropical characteristics as it approaches the region . The storm will bring heavy storm surge & rains with flooding, strong winds to its expanding wind field and wet snow in the Appalachians with these conditions starting as early as Sunday and continuing until Thursday.  Hurricane Warnings are in effect for the Bahamas while Tropical Storm Warnings continue from South Florida to St. Augustine. A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect from St. Augustine to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, with issues pushed northward as we go into the weekend.

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