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Is Your Roof Fall-Ready?



Summertime makes it easy to forget about your roof, unless of course you’re like us at Istueta Roofing and are subject to hurricane season!

Fall however, is a great time to check on things that you often don’t think about during those fun summer days.

Trust us when we say that it is much easier and cheaper to keep up with some routine roof maintenance than it is to delve out money for costly repairs!

Simple but Necessary!

If you haven’t done so yet, get up on a ladder and inspect your roof. Look for issues like missing or damaged shingles, metal, tiles, etc. Also things like warped flashings and other problems including leaks and mold.

If you’re not comfortable with climbing around your roof, don’t hesitate to call a pro for help!

It is also a good time to check for pests like termites that can potentially compromise your roofs longevity. Hiring a pest control expert in your area is a great idea. They can come out and conduct an inspection and provide you with the advice you’ll need to take care of any problems.


Don’t forget to check your gutters and downspouts. Clean out gutters that may have collections of leaves and other debris to assure that water and other elements won’t remain congregated in certain areas, causing further damage to your gutters.

Concentrated water can cause sagging within your gutters and cause the overflow to spill over along your foundation.

Don’t forget to inspect your chimney (if it applies). Routinely cleaning out your chimney before the weather turns and it’s time to fire it up, can prevent just that. A fire.

It’s worth hiring a chimney sweeper for both safety and peace of mind.

No one wants a house fire, so invest the time to ensure your chimney is free of any little critters that decided to take up residence during the summer and any other outdoor elements that could be blocking the chimney’s airways.

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

Keeping up with routine roof maintenance will keep the longevity of your roof in prime condition and keep money you would otherwise spend on repairs, focused on things that are much more fun!

~Frank Istueta