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Quality and Value vs. Price

Quality and Value vs. Price

Our roofing comapny is faced with the challenge of how to compete while maintaining the integrity and reputation of our business. Most assuredly, how we price our products and services has a huge impact on our bottom line; however it is a topic worth discussing. Let’s take a look at how value and price enter into this equation.

Value is defined as worth or importance; the adequate or satisfactory return on or recompense for something. Things have value, or are of value, or are valued.

Price is defined as cost of something bought or sold; to state or fix the exact price that a customer must pay for something. Things have a price that may or may not have value.

As the most reputable roofing company in South Florida, we are always striving to find that perfect balance of the highest level of quality products and workmanship, customer service, and added value while offering our customers the best possible prices.

Quality has a price, but the price is either one of value or not. If there is value in the eyes of our client, then there is inherent quality. Simply because the price is low is not an indicator of value.

For the most part, we understand the concept of “no free lunch”, “no free rides”, or “something for nothing”. Human nature cautions us when it seems to be “too good to be true” that it usually is” too good to be true!” While there are no absolutes, when we see this, we are often confronted with an experience of disappointment and one that is lacking in value and quality.

Providing value – and even better – added value, for the right price is a far better position for any roofing contractor to take. Anyone can be inexpensive, but this is an indefensible position, because only one can be the cheapest. When price becomes the driving force, everyone loses! What we strive to do is provide a win-win situation by providing our clients with the right solution at the right price.

It is a far stronger and more defensible position to be the provider of quality products and workmanship and superior customer service, with value. Tie this in with integrity,a strong reputation and a company-wide code of ethics and you have a brand you can be proud of.