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What a Project!

We get all kinds of requests for unique roofing ideas and designs, which we really look forward to doing because they allow us to be creative and learn new processes and techniques.

Here is a tile and metal roof we recently completed for a new construction project that is unlike any other that we’ve done:

The soffit and fascia are all metal, which is a very unique design, as they are typically made with wood.

Having these features made with metal will make the roof last longer, will require less maintenance, will make the roof more wind resistant, and is considered very “green” due to conserving wood products.

Another unique feature is that the bottom of the roof, or “substrate” (which is also called the deck), is concrete,which also makes it more resistant to wind.

The perimeter is an all-metal Galvalume standing-seam roof, and the interior perimeter is brown saxony ceramic tile for a modern, urban, industrial look.

The inside of the house contains large, open spaces with lots of natural sunlight to create a spacious, open feel.

The video above is a walkthrough version of the computer-aided design (CAD) program.

Here is another way to check out some more photos of the final unique roofing project.   Under the “in the works” tab, go to Hammock Drive.


~Frank Istueta