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Product Spotlight: Redland Clay Tile

Istueta Roofing Redland Clay Tile

Last week we showcased a job that we completed using Redland Clay Tiles. This job was particularly interesting, as it was a custom, one-of-a-kind piece of work. There will never be another roof like it! And due in part to its magnificent quality, the entire project was nominated for an International Design Award!

Nature’s Goodness from the Ground Up!

Redland Clay Tile is a California company and was formed in 1990. Its manufacturing philosophy was to only craft 100 percent natural clay roof tiles, and that philosophy is true to this day.

Redland Tile offers a wide selection of profiles with rich color palettes and distinctive textures. Every step of the process is closely monitored and accurately produced, so exceptional quality is expected from each and every individual tile.

There are no other textural or color nuances that can be achieved by inferior methods than those manufactured from start to finish with Redland’s processes.

Redland Clay Tile maintains a close relationship to the land, connecting the clay in the ground to the roof on the house. Always 100 percent natural from the ground up!

Endless Roofscape Possibilities!

Redland Clay Tile is of the highest-quality material and processes. Every step of a tile’s manufacturing process is in harmonious union with the very land that helped create it!

~Frank Istueta