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We’re Nominated for CCN Richard Kaller Wizard Awards!

This January 16-18th, we are off to Orlando for CCN’s Winter Conference and Richard Kaller Wizard Awards. We are honored to say that we have multiple team members who have been nominated for awards.

What is the CCN?

The Certified Contractors Network, or CCN, is a site that was founded by Richard Kaller as a place for contractors to network and learn from each other so we can all do our best to satisfy our customers. Even with all the work we do and knowledge we have, there still is always something to learn.

The Wizard Awards take place annually to recognize the members of CCN who go above and beyond to do the job right. This is why we are thrilled to be nominated for these distinguished awards.

So, what exactly have we been nominated for?

First of all, we have some Special Recognitions:

Patty Barnes – Patty has the first contact with the customer and always makes sure they get all of their questions answered. She consistently gets her responsibilities done and will help anyone else who needs it.

Faure Collazo – Faure has only been with us for 5 months, but he has already shown his great abilities as an architect with outstanding organization techniques. His skill at crafting workflow always gets us to meet our deadlines.

And now our Nominations for Awards:

Ivo Gutierrez, Rookie Salesperson of the Year – Ivo started working with us just recently in 2013. He has already graduated from CCN’s Sales Boot Camp and is implementing their sales process. He is continuing to learn through sales training and meetings with CCN. Always professional with clients, he is an excellent addition to our team.

Omar Santana, Salesperson of the Year – Omar is regularly continuing his education through CCN by attending their seminars and conferences which really shows in his work. He maintains a competitive edge by staying current with trends. He sets goals, reaches them, and works hard to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Danny Argote, Production Manager of the Year – Danny is the ideal production manager because he handles every stressful situation with a calm demeanor. He is efficient and safe, and always makes sure to have materials ready at the appropriate time so the job goes smoothly. He keeps jobs within the budget and works to keep the company and clients happy.

Joe Alejo, Project Manager of the Year – Joe has pleased his clients so much that he is always getting testimonial videos He really goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that our clients are happy.

Frank Istueta, Best Boss – I, myself, have been nominated for Best Boss. (Do I get a mug now?)

I consider my employees to be family and make every attempt to maintain a positive work environment. I trust my staff and always strive to give them positive reinforcement. I highly value running a professional company with integrity and I always encourage growth and knowledge.

And, drumroll please…

Company of the Year – Istueta Roofing has been nominated because of our professionalism in business and our high-quality work. We love what we do and are always trying to serve our customers as best we can.

As I said, we are honored to be nominated for these Certified Contractors Network awards, but even more, we are so glad our clients are pleased with us. Awards are nice, but happy customers are even better gratification!

Stay tuned for our results to see who wins!

Thanks for reading,