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Neighborhood Spotlight: Midtown Miami

The city of Miami possesses a wealth of historic architectural styles that make an experienced roofer like me jump for joy. That said, sometimes it’s fun to work on something with a magnificently-modern flavor.

Nestled next to creative hot spots like the Design District and high-end neighborhoods such as Edgewater, there is a perfectly-positioned, pocket-sized area known as Midtown.

Midtown Miami

It wasn’t so long ago, this district was a 56-acre area that has quickly come into its own. Nearby, what used to be an older, run-down section of Buena Vista, has become a world-wide destination for the arts, known as the Design District. With the distinct Wynwood and wealthy upper East-Side nearby, it was quite off-putting that the central connection between these two areas was that of an abandoned rail yard.

That’s right, until recently, a central location in one of the world’s greatest destination cities was used to store old freight containers, with empty warehouses, weeds, and an adorable chain link fence to complete the image.

The Mecca of Miami

That all changed in 2002. Some were able to see past the railyard and envision the potential it had. Midtown has since grown into a vibrant and artsy paradise. Senior architect, Bruno Carvalho, cites his inspiration — “I was inspired by some of Europe’s most modern cities, as well as the clean lines of Miami’s sleek skyline.”

With everything from the uniquely-designed street lamps to the gutters considered in the design, what we are left with is a unique Miami aesthetic appeal that is home to the greatest trends in art galleries, restaurants, and designer stores. This small piece of paradise offers vibrant loft-style condominiums in an area that is the most pedestrian-friendly in Miami.

From Fail-Rail to Holy Grail of Retail

A work in progress, once completed, there will be two major components of this neighborhood. The Shops at Midtown is the commercial aspect of the venture. Even big-box retailers like Target are coordinating with Midtown architects to reflect the trendy vibe that is the district’s character.

Then there’s the other major component of the neighborhood — residential Midtown. This is centered around 4-Midtown. A 32 story high-rise building that redefines upscale Miami living. 

The building makes a statement with expansive views and dramatic curves. The offices, lofts, and condos available in Midtown put you within the boundaries of Florida’s international business capital (Miami), yet allow you to call the most modern art district in the United States, home.

Today, Midtown Miami has become the destination for artists, foodies, and modern business. There is a growing number of shops, restaurants, and residents with a new entertainment center and hotel on the way. We love working in Midtown, because of the opportunities it brings to show off sophistication and art in our roofing designs.


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