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Miami Roofing Q&A

Q: Why does a metal roof cost more than a typical roof?

A: Metal roofing is a premium product that offers superior durability, longevity, protection against inclement weather (especially in Miami, Florida!), energy savings and curb appeal. Typically, metal roofs cost 2-3 times more than asphalt roofing shingles, but they are comparable in price to other premium roofing materials, such as tile roofing or cedar shake roofing.

Investing in a metal roof rather than an asphalt shingles roof, ensures that you will not need to worry about doing a re-roof for the next 30-50 years. This essentially means that a metal roof may be the last roof you will ever need to install on your home. Also keep in mind that a metal roof requires virtually no maintenance or repairs, putting your mind and wallet at ease throughout its long service life. By comparison, asphalt shingles roofs have a typical service life of only 12-20 years, in addition to requiring costly regular maintenance and repairs.

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Frank Istueta