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Masterful Metal Roofing Makes Sense

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Metal roofs are cool. We’ve installed a lot of them. Depending on the material, they can last up to 40-50 years. Metal roofs can withstand powerful winds and nasty weather and also add a modern look to your home.

So how much does a metal roof cost? The best answer is: it depends. That question is like walking into Macy’s and asking how much a shirt costs. You will just get a lot of different answers.


You have a lot of factors that come into play. You’ll have to think of what kind of material you want — aluminum, copper or galvalume.

Roofers will also take into account the steepness of your roof and if there is any rotten wood under the old roof, that will have to be taken care of first.

Your total metal roofing costs will usually look like this: costs of materials + labor costs = total cost.

Stand Up For Standing Seam

The most popular metal roofing system we install here at Istueta is the Standing Seam System. You’ll have the option to choose what color you’d like and there are two different kinds of panels.

  1. Striated panel – helps reduce oil canning.
  2. Ribbed panel – also known as penciled

The standing seam system also has a snap lock system with different heights on seams which offers durability. This metal roof won’t burn and is maintenance free. No worries on rusting, cracking, or rotting.

Your Time Is Money

Installing a new roof can be an expensive job and one you shouldn’t take any shortcuts on. Don’t take it lightly and be sure to do your homework. The real key in figuring out your costs is your time. Make sure your contractor has installed these kind of roofs before and that you receive great customer service.

That’s really what you’re paying for. Metal roofing costs don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

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