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Making Our Professional Roofers Better for Miami Homeowners


Are you in need of a new roof? How do you find the right contractor to do the job? More importantly, what qualities do you look for in a contractor? There are professional roofers everywhere, but what exactly defines them as professionals?

Many roofers are great at what they do. They get the job done, and hopefully on time. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re professional roofers.


The word professional has many meanings, but when you hear that word, you think of people who you feel you can trust right away because they act in a manner that shows they are pros at what they do.

We set our company apart from the competition by acting like pros from beginning to end.

Keep ‘em Happy and Skilled

We had the tremendous opportunity to attend the Owners Summit meeting hosted by the Certified Contractors Network at the end of April. We learn something new every time we attend.

For years, contractors have received the ugly stereotype of not acting professional. Here at Istueta Roofing, we take pride in our employees by making sure they’re happy, properly trained, and skilled at what they do. That way, they become professionals you can trust. Being happy and professional go hand in hand.

We take our profession seriously, so we can continually offer the best customer service and product to our clients. We show our professional conduct by showing up to appointments and work on time, and keeping our job sites clean and safe.

You’re Our Family

We’re a big family here. We love what we do, and we have fun while working. We’re not just another roofing company. When you do business with us, you become a part of our family.

If you’re in the process of remodeling or updating your home, make sure you find the perfect contractor the first time. Download our “8-Minute Contractor Interrogation” worksheet to take all of the guesswork out finding the perfect contractor.

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Integrity, Trust, Pride, and Peace of Mind,

~Frank Istueta