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Istueta is Raising the Roofing Bar Yet Again

Metal Roofing ConferenceIt’s that time again– Metal Master Shop’s Metal Roofing Conference is quickly approaching. Needless to say, we’re excited.

The conference spans July 21st – 23rd and a handful of Istueta team members are attending all three days of the conference. We want to make sure we continue to be the most trusted and highly-trained guaranteed roofing installers in South Florida, so we’re making this conference a high-priority.

We know the roofing education process never stops, so we’re looking forward to learning from both industry experts and roofing peers alike. We’re committed to improving our skills, improving our services, and exceeding our customer’s’ expectations.

The conference provides workshops for people on our administrative staff and hands-on training for our roofers. At Istueta, we don’t train for competence; we train for excellence. We sent our metal roofing crew to the conference last year, and we’re sending them again this year for even more training.

We’ll also get to network and connect with some of the finest roofers in South Florida.

The Metal Roofing Conference always features some of the sharpest minds in sales and marketing, too. My team will be taking notes from some people with amazing track records; and they’ll also be swapping stories and sharing their experiences with other seasoned professionals.

We’re Excited For:

  • Scott Siegel of Certified Contractors Network (CCN)’s exclusive workshopAt the last Metal Roofing Conference, he taught the ‘7 Keys to Contracting Success.’ We can’t wait to see what he has in store this year!
  • The admin workshops and seminars – There’s a whole range of sales, marketing, production, human resources, and business ethics material we can’t wait for our administrative team to absorb.
  • The hands-on training – Is a big deal because it allows our team to learn from one of the best instructors in the business, fourth-generation roofer Louis R Rondeau. The smaller class size (usually no more than 25 people) allows us to learn cutting-edge metal roofing installation techniques and sharpen our skills for on the job site projects. We can’t be guaranteed roofing experts without constant training and improvement, after all.

If you’re headed to the conference, my team would love to meet you. We’ll be busy, though: we plan on getting the most out of these three days of training, networking, and education.

We’ll be posting a follow-up blog with some of the great insights we took away from the conference. Be on the lookout for some photos showcasing our team members in action, too.

We’re excited to continue to learn and grow as South Florida’s most trusted roofing company, and we hope to see you at the conference.

And if you’re looking for the perfect contractor for your next remodel or home update, download our “8-Minute Contractor Interrogation” worksheet to take the guesswork out of the entire process.

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Integrity, Trust, Pride, and Peace of Mind,

~Frank Istueta