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Istueta Attends the Certified Contractors Network 2013 Fall Conference

This years’ CCN fall conference is focusing on the service aspect of our profession. The theme for the conference was “ The Service Paradox”, and speaks to the importance of service in our industry.

With a stellar lineup of presentations, CCN has invited speakers such as Patrick Quarve, President of Quarve Contracting, Inc. and Grant Mazmanian of Pinnacle Group International.


One of the things that Istueta strives for is providing outstanding customer service and some of the things that we took away with us from the conference are that clients still appreciate and value service.

There were some great tips at the conference that we feel we already follow quite well. What do you think? Are we doing a good job?


Regular in-person communication about what step of the project we are on and how things are going is one way in which we involve you in the process. We hope this eases your mind and assures you that your project is going as planned, without any issues or hang ups.

Emails are the easiest, but actual in person contact allows us to get to know each other and build trust between us as partners on your project. And one thing we really care about is earning your trust by listening to you, meeting your needs, and then exceeding your expectations with our exceptional quality work!


Istueta prides itself on its high standard of accountability. If we say we are going to do something- we do it. No excuses! One of the things we learned at the conference was that many clients feel constantly let down by their contractors due to missed deadlines or unkept promises. This sets a negative tone for the project and at the end, leaves the client feeling unsatisfied regardless of the quality of work done.

One way that we avoid missing deadlines and creating unhappy clients is to be very realistic in our estimates for the amount of time that a job will take. Nothing ever goes 100% according to plan and it is important to factor in the unexpected when making time estimates. You, as our clients, know that quality work takes time. If we explain the process and the time commitment, giving you a realistic goal to look toward, there is no confusion or unrealistic expectations.

Once we have made a commitment to a client we make sure to do everything in our power to keep it. If it is absolutely necessary to adjust timelines or make changes, we give you ample warning and explain the issues. WE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU OUT OF THE LOOP! That is one of the most frequent complaints from clients, and totally avoidable.


If there is a problem, a mistake has been made, or we are unable to do something the client wants, our motto is BE HONEST! Keeping an open and honest relationship with you gives us the freedom to have frank conversations about the project. Whether there is a problem with materials, or we think there may be a better solution to meet your needs, being honest is always the best way to go.

If we know that what our client wants is just not feasible, we consider it our responsibility as a contractor to tell them. Because we start the relationship with honesty, you can trust our expert opinion and listen to our recommendations, which will make the project run more smoothly in the long run.

The CCN prides itself on bringing contractors the best tools and information to allow them to do the best job in their specific industry. This year’s conference really exemplified the CCN’s dedication to the industry and their appreciation for the service provider as well as the clients they serve.

We hope that you can see these good business practices during your time working with us: being honest, accountable, and communicative.

Thanks for reading,

Frank Istueta