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Imagine Working With A Contractor and Loving Every Minute Of It…


There are two questions that everyone asks their contractor:

  1. How much will the job cost?
  2. When can the work be started?

The truth is, any contractor (even a terrible one) can answer these questions. A bad contractor installing a good product will still result in a less than stellar job.

As a homeowner, you want to avoid the worst case scenario and increase the value of your home the smart way.

Businesses like Istueta Roofing, have a proven track record of success in large part due to the fact that they are members of Certified Contractors Network.


Ask the Right Questions

Our studies have shown that homeowner dissatisfaction is a result of one of three things:

  1. Miscommunication between the homeowner and the contractor.
  2. Unrealized expectations.
  3. Unknown or unforeseen extra costs.

This dissatisfaction quickly turns into horror stories you’ve heard over and over. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, we think there’s a different way to work with contractors… a better way. We call it the 4P’s.

  1. Problem/Possibility – First, define the scope of the project.
  2. Products – Decide which products will be used to carry out your vision.
  3. People – Who exactly will be installing those quality products?
  4. Price – What is the fair and reasonable price?

As you and your contractor work through the 4P’s together, you’ll find that communication gets easier and there are far fewer surprises and hang up’s throughout the process.

You’ll also find that if a potential contractor can’t answer these four questions, he’s not going to be easy to work with.

Work With the Best

We are the #1 independent contractors network in North America. Our members are the best in the industry, committed to quality work, and to exceptional service.

Istueta Roofing is a great example of what our members are really like to work with. Friendly, professional, and experienced!

Building the best,