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Your Hurricane Survival Guide

Last week I talked about what you need to do to prepare your home for a hurricane. This week, I am sharing a list of items that I find necessary during these summer storms in Miami.

Hurricane Necessities


You need 5 gallons of water per person. That will carry you through 3-5 days, which should be plenty.


Stock up on nonperishable foods. Canned goods are ideal. If you have your refrigerator and freezer hooked up to a generator, you will have access to more variety. I will talk more about how to properly use generators a little later.

Batteries and Battery-Powered Electronics

The most essential electronics are radios and flashlights. Radios will keep you in contact with the outside world and flashlights will keep you safe in low-light conditions. Don’t forget extra batteries!

First-Aid Kit and Manual

If anyone gets hurt, you need to be able to deal with the injury as effectively as the situation allows. A class in first-aid and CPR wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Prescription Medications

Since 2006, Florida has allowed early prescription refills if a hurricane warning has been issued. Make sure you have a good supply of any medications you need.

Important Documents

Anything that you might need in an emergency should be kept safe and close at hand. Important documents include wills and insurance information.

How to Operate a Generator

Sadly, many people don’t realize how dangerous a generator can be. A number of deaths have been caused by people running a generator in their garage where the carbon monoxide will build up and eventually cause illness or death. Don’t ever use one inside.

When you’re filling up the gas in your car, get new gas for your generator, too. If the gas in it is more than 30 days old, it’s not fresh enough.

Don’t Forget About Your Pets!


Your pets are your extended family, right?

Prepare them in the same ways you are preparing yourself. They need water, food, medications, and shelter – just like you!

What Hurricane Andrew Taught Us

Anyone who lived in the Miami area in 1992 remembers Hurricane Andrew. We are desperate to not repeat that catastrophe! It was a billion dollar disaster, much of which was attributable to people just being unprepared. We can’t forget it because no one should have to go through something like that.

If you aren’t aware of the damage done by Hurricane Andrew, you can read more here.

Ask your neighbors and friends for additional help and advice so that you make it through hurricane season safe and sound.

~Frank Istueta