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Hurricane Sandy Update

The effects of Hurricane Sandy over South Florida will be mostly coastal with increasing winds and surf for Wednesday with wind speeds up to 25 mph due to a high pressure over the northeastern U.S . The winds in South Florida will probably reach 35 mph from the northwest at its closet point late Thursday night with wind gusts up to 50 mph. The waves today will be around 6 to 8 feet, but by tomorrow waves could reach 20 feet continuing into Friday. The risk of rip currents will be extremely high and the risk of beach erosion is also high especially during high tide producing even some coastal flooding.  Beach conditions for the weekend will be choppy even though waves will be residing for Saturday and Sunday.

The amount of rainfall expected for South Florida from Sandy is unknown due to how the tracking over Cuba  will affect the storm.  Rain chances for Thursday and Friday will be at 50% with mostly cloudy skies and possible heavy localized downpours.  Conditions should improve during the weekend with mostly sunny skies and northwest winds of up to 25 mph before a cold front passes through on Monday.  Temperatures will be in the mid 80s for Wednesday & Thursday but after Sandy pushes north of us, temps will fall into the lower 80s for this upcoming weekend. Overnight lows  will  be warm late this workweek in the upper 70s but will fall into the lower 70s for this weekend due to the cool & strong northwest winds.

Tropical Storm Sandy became a hurricane at 11am with winds currently at 80mph. The storm is located just to the south of Jamaica with landfall expected later this afternoon. The storm movement is NNE at 13 mph, and will make landfall in Cuba as a hurricane later tonight after midnight. The storm is expected to weaken into a tropical storm due to the mountainous terrain of eastern Cuba as it approaches the Bahamas on Thursday night into Friday. The three islands are expected to see heavy rain & strong winds which can lead to mudslides in the higher terrain of Cuba, Jamaica and as far east as Haiti. Hurricane Warnings are in effect for Jamaica and eastern Cuba while Tropical Storm Warnings are up for Haiti and the Bahamas.  Tropical Storm Watch is issued for the east coast of Florida from Cape Canaveral to the Upper Keys.

After the Bahamas, the storm track is uncertain of either tracking off the Eastern Seaboard or pushing east into the Atlantic towards Bermuda as Sandy begins to lose its tropical characteristics. The effects of wind and waves will eventually affect up to the Carolinas for the remainder of the workweek and weekend.

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