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How Long Should It Take to Replace My Roof?

How Long Should It Take to Replace My Roof?

This question is one that many Miami homeowners ask when considering a roof replacement; however, the answer is not a definitive one.

The best answer will come from an experienced roofing contractor after he has looked at the scope of your job. The best course of action is to discuss the length of the project with the roofer and get several estimates before making a choice. Compare the different lengths of time that each roofer provides to complete the project. You should always feel comfortable with the timeframe that the roofing contractor provides you with and make sure that you have enough time available to handle the project. The length of time it takes to complete the project depends on how large your home is, the time of year, the weather during that span of time, and the types of materials you choose for your new roofing project.

Again, the amount of time required for the successful completion of your project should be discussed with a qualified and experienced roofing contractor.  If you have a big event planned at your house, or a vacation scheduled, and you want to get your roof properly replaced beforehand, make sure to give yourself (and the roofer) enough time to get the job finished properly with a comfortable amount of time to spare. Otherwise, it’s best to postpone the job until a later date.

It is important to realize that not every estimate is written in stone. A roofer may estimate that a project may take two weeks to complete, but if there are conditions that arise that delay the work, it may take longer. Roofers may discover that more work needs to be done than was originally included in the estimate. This may be due to structural damage that was revealed once they began the project. These types of circumstances could delay the replacement project as well. Give yourself plenty of time to complete the project in case there are emergencies, poor weather conditions or any additional work that must be completed.

An experienced, qualified contractor will provide you with a firm timeline for what you can expect. Even so, you should consider any timeline an estimate, and understand that the most seasoned contractors will offer you a range for their installation or repair time, in order to allow for unforeseen circumstances.

One of the most difficult challenges roofers should face is the weather. This factor is mostly influenced by the time of year during which the repair or replacement is being performed. A truly professional roofing contractor’s team will work as quickly as they can to finish any roofing project, but never at the expense of quality workmanship and proper installation. And remember, plan on being flexible in your expectations to account for weather-related delay.