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Highlight: Golden Beach Community

Here in Miami, Florida, there are so many beautiful beaches and amazing communities that it’s really tough to pick just one of them to talk about.

We decided that Golden Beach needed some recognition: because of its amazing beaches and stunning homes, this is one community that deserves a little praise.

Famous Residents

Of course, just about anywhere you go in Florida, you’re bound to run into a celebrity at some point, and Golden Beach is no exception.

Eric Clapton’s album 461 Ocean Boulevard was named after a Golden Beach home, which is featured on the cover of the album. Golden Beach is also home to Bill Gates and Ricky Martin.

The entire town is about one mile long (from north to south) and four blocks wide (from east to west). With Sunny Isles Beach to the south, Hallandale Beach to the north, the city of Aventura to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, this little community is surrounded.

Here’s a little-known fact: in 1981, Golden Beach closed all the main roads that led into the city except one, as a way of preventing curious tourists, joggers, and criminals from entering.

Golden Beach has an abnormally large police force for its size—mostly dedicated to controlling the speed along the main road, as Golden Beach is the most notorious speed trap in the Miami area.

So if you find yourself in Miami and want to check out Golden Beach, make sure you’re driving the designated speed!

~Frank Istueta