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Gutter Talk

Our company has been putting roofs on homes and commercial buildings for more than 25 years. One of the most important parts of a roofing project is one that is often overlooked by the customer — the gutters. That’s why this article is all about gutter talk!

A properly designed, professionally installed gutter system is a critical component of an overall roof system, especially here in Miami and South Florida. Why? Because it rains here. A lot.

Gutters perform the critical task of redirecting collected rainwater that cascades off a roof. Without a gutter to collect the runoff, water would flow to places where you simply do not want it to go. Like into your attic, down into your home’s walls, and into your foundation.

Not all gutters are the same. Some homeowners make the mistake of “skimping” on their gutters in an attempt to save a few dollars. Believe me, any money you save will have to be paid many times over when your “bargain” gutters fail to do their job.

A well-constructed gutter system has several key characteristics:

Seamless gutters that won’t allow water to seep through

  • Troughs that are wide and deep enough to accommodate the expected runoff volume
  • Sturdy hangers that prevent loaded gutters from separating from the structure, creating gaps
  • One piece end caps to prevent water from escaping
  • Downspouts that are wide enough to handle a heavy flow of water, and that direct the water a safe distance from the side of the home

While these “rules” seem to be common sense, too many “gutter specialists” fail to follow them. The result is a gutter system that works perfectly in dry weather, but fails when you need it most.

So when we talk about gutters when discussing your new roof, don’t think we are just trying to tack on additional work. We understand how important the gutter system is to the “success” of your roof.

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