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Frank Istueta – Roofing Expert and World Traveler

Multiple times per year, a few of us head to Certified Contractor Network events. At least 2-3 times a year, sometimes even more, we make our way around the United States to take part in these events so that we can continue our education in the roofing industry.

We’ve recently traveled to San Jose, Orlando, Dallas, Baltimore, and Salt Lake City – just to name a few.

Sometimes we travel for their conferences and sometimes for Boot Camps. The Boot Camps can be about many aspects of a contractor’s job, from production management to sales to owning a contracting business.

The best and most valuable part is sharing knowledge. We love to talk with other top contractors from around the country about industry topics. A lot of them are members of CCN.

We appreciate that networking allows us to keep in contact even after the event has ended. We call each other frequently and are in email contact as well. This resource is incredible for us.

We’ve been members of CCN for about 10 years; and I’ve been on the Steering Committee for around 7 years.

The steering committee is a group of business owners, like myself, that CCN chooses to guide the network. As industry leaders within this committee, we discuss what needs to be covered in future events, how to maintain the growth of the network, and even decisions about where future conferences should be held.

If you are a contractor and you are looking for ways to grow your business, you should definitely consider becoming a member of this great organization. You will learn a lot, meet great people, and grow your business!

~Frank Istueta