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Frank Istueta: Heart and Soul of Your Preferred Miami Roofer

My dad, Frank Istueta, arrived in the United States, from Cuba, when he was 23 years old. He wanted freedom from an oppressive government, a better life, and a more positive future for his family and himself. He started working for a handyman company that served high-end communities here in South Florida.

A Dad and His Dream

My dad always had this dream of starting his own company. He has entrepreneurism in his genes, in his blood.

Frank IstuetaAfter a time working with the handyman company, he saw that homeowners were thirsting for better quality service. For respect. For integrity. For someone they could trust and rely on. For someone who takes pride in their work.

And, he saw opportunity there. He was going to be the one to provide this high-quality service and good stewardship that homeowners so desperately desired. And, that’s what Istueta Roofing is to this day!

I will always remember and laugh about the stories my dad would tell me and my siblings when we were small children. He’d tell us stories about his childhood in Cuba and how life was for him when he came to this country; they were always so captivating. And they still are. Most of the time, the stories are so funny our bellies and sides ache from laughter! Sometimes listening to his stories makes us realize how grateful we are for the freedoms we have here in the United States.

There’s almost always an important lesson tied to his stories. Remembering all of those stories now, makes me think about what a wonderful man and dad he is. I’m the luckiest son in the world.


There’s a lot of things we like to do together. Cooking. Watching movies. Spending time with our extended family. Traveling, and going fishing. Especially the fishing!

We’ve always gone fishing. He took me out fishing before I even turned a year old! We always find a way to spend quality time together as a family and to have fun with each other. In South Florida, there’s always a lot to do!

What’s Most Important

Besides being a Miami roofer, dad loves to read and learn. He’s a voracious reader and an excellent student. He enjoys history.

He also loves to cook and he loves taking great care of his landscaping and plants at home. We eat quite a bit from what he grows. We have mango trees, pepper plants, tomatoes, papaya, guava, limes, a small lychee tree, and many different types of herbs. He’s even grown a cashew tree. And, I’m sure there’s a few more plants and trees we have that don’t come to mind right now. And if you haven’t heard already, his turkey brine recipe has become pretty famous as well!

What he loves most though is simply spending quality time with us, his family. That’s the most important thing to him.

He’s pretty important to us, too! Happy Father’s day, Dad!

Integrity, Trust, Pride, and Peace of Mind,

~Ariel Istueta