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Roof Maintenance in Miami, FL

Different Types of Roofs Require Different Types of Maintenance   Although the roof is one of your

Top 7 Hidden Gems in Miami

South Florida has many fantastic things to do, places to eat, and sites to see. People come from all

Going Green in 2017 with Metal Roofing

As South Florida’s premier roofer, I prefer to build great roofs that last. I like them strong and

You’ve Got A Leaky Roof…Now What?

The weather doesn’t always cooperate and neither does your roof…. Come on, roof, you had ONE

The Need to Know: Humidity & Roofing in Miami

Here in Miami, we just accept humidity as a way of life. It’s a part of us. People from the Southwest

1 Roof, 2 Roof, Old Roof, New Roof

As a roofing company in Miami, we install and repair all kinds of roofs. We’re well versed in every

Spring Cleaning and the Tale of the Wardrobe

While we don’t have the harsh winters the people of Minnesota have (really, WHY would you live there?),

For a Dedicated Miami Roofer, Education Never Ends

Back in January, we had the honor of attending Certified Contractors Network’s Winter Conference.

They Tell ‘em, We Reveal ‘em

I was buying tires for my truck one day, and like so many others, one of the more important factors

Must Know Roofing Maintenance For One of Your Biggest Investments

Your home is one of your biggest investments. Though you value your home, you might be neglecting your