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Our Favorite Roofing Jobs Are:

Sep 02, 2015

We can only be the best roofing company in Miami with the help of the homeowner. We’re privileged to work with so many great Miami homeowners. Our customers truly are great.

We love working with all of our customers, so when someone asks us about our favorite jobs, it’s hard to choose. After a good bit of consideration, though, we’ve found the one factor that separates great jobs from our favorite jobs.

Every homeowner we work with wants a great-looking, long-lasting, functional roof they don’t have to worry about. They all care about their homes, both in the present and in the future. So what’s the one factor that separates a great job from a favorite job?

Homeowner involvement.

Caring About the Project

Some homeowners care about the outcome of a roofing project more than the details of the project. That’s fine. We get it. Some people are too busy to learn all the details, and some people just don’t have a taste for details in the first place. We won’t begrudge anyone for that because, technically speaking, the details are our specialty.

We still love those jobs. The look on a homeowner’s face when they see their amazing new roof completed and ready, is always a delight. With those jobs, we tell the homeowner everything they need to know, and we’re always up for answering questions. Sometimes, though, there just aren’t many questions. Still, the job gets done and the homeowner is happy.

When we work with homeowners who are invested in the little details and want to collaborate on a roofing project with us, it becomes a favorite job for us. Those Miami homeowners really care about the roofing project, not just the outcome. They’re personally invested in the construction and installation of their new roof, and they’re with us every step of the way.

The end product sometimes comes out even better when the homeowner is invested. We recently completed the Ana Isabella Villa, and the homeowners were invested in every step of the process.

These were the results:

With involved homeowners, the gates of communication are completely open, at all times. They ask questions and give feedback– they want to learn from us, and we want to learn from them. By the end of a project, we end up talking shop with these homeowners like they’re old roofing pros.

Creating Relationships

When a homeowner is involved in every step of their roofing project, we get to know them much better. We always love roofing in Miami, but when we get to form a real relationship with a homeowner, it’s a special treat.

We’re already working in and around our customers’ homes, so we get to know them a little bit regardless. When they’re personally involved with the roofing process, we get to know them beyond what kind of roof they want, what their specific needs are, and what their house looks like. We get to know them better as people.

Some homeowners are even so involved in their roofing project that they come into the shop once or twice to check on their project. They want to see our workspace and get to know us better, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

We try to treat every one of our customers as a person, not just a roofing project. Creating a real, lasting relationship becomes easy, though, when a homeowner takes a hands-on approach to their new roof.

At Istueta Roofing, we love working with Miami homeowners. We’re only the best roofing company in Miami because of our customers.

Each time we install a roof and leave a customer delighted and satisfied, we consider it a great job. But, there are certain jobs we’ll always think of as favorites because the homeowner cares about every detail of their new roof and its installation.

We get to know them, and they get to know the roofing process– it’s a win/win.

Integrity, Trust, Pride, and Peace of Mind,

~Frank Istueta

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