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Asking the Right Questions

Why is the contractor selection important? Choosing the right contractor for your project will determine whether or not you will have a pleasant experience before and during your project and, most importantly, after it is completed.

What am I buying? A great deal of owner dissatisfaction is a result of not fully understanding the obligations and responsibilities of all parties. Effective communication is the most reliable predictor of whether or not the complex process of home remodel will be a pleasant experience.

Does your contractor take pride in his work? If so, he will be happy to take the time to discuss his previous experience and provide a list of satisfied clients. He will explore and share all possible options for a successful solution to your particular challenge.

Is this an investment or an expense? A successful decision is a wise investment of your time and money.  The right contractor selection will buy you peace of mind because he is able to provide a durable product that is backed by reliable and professional support and a rock solid warranty.

Can I afford the best job? In the new economy, the financial stability of your contractor will determine if your project is an investment that keeps on providing value and peace of mind into the future or if it is an expense that burns money and creates headaches. How long have they been in business? Do they seem desperate for work?  Are they taking jobs for an unsustainably low price that will ultimately lead to the demise of the company and your warranty? Are they cutting corners on your  job because they sold the job too low? Can you afford to do it twice?

How much time do I make for this? Take the time now before you make your decision to get to know your contractor – visit his place of business, check the Better Business Bureau, read the proposal carefully, ask questions about property protection, materials, work force supervision, and office staff, ask for references, proof of insurance and license – or risk wasting a great deal of time later under very unpleasant conditions.