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7 Secrets of Roofing!

Top Secret

There are a lot of tips available to you for selecting a great contractor. Most of these tips won’t actually come as a huge surprise to most or even pose as a “secret” per say… but they are still important, nonetheless!

A new roof for your home is very costly, thus making any homeowner cautious to just hand over their hard earned money to just anyone.

A roof is also singlehandedly the most important piece of a home’s structure, so a failing roof is a pretty huge problem! Let us help you avoid such a disaster with these handy reminders.


Let’s Get Down To It!

  • First and foremost – Just because a roofing company says they are backed by the BBB, doesn’t mean they provide quality work. If you truly want to know the integrity of a business, go there. Meet the staff and see first-hand how their office/business functions.
  • Do your homework – We’ve said this before, but it remains absolutely essential! Asking others whom they have used before is a great process of elimination tool. If a company happens to be subpar people will be the first to tell you!
  • References are good, but job sites are even better! – No matter which “jobs” they’ve claimed to have done, seeing first hand what a roofing company is currently working on can be very revealing. You can bet, what’s going on at that property will most likely happen on yours if you hire them.
  • Call six, meet three, hire one – Never hire a company without obtaining a bid from at least one-two other companies. Don’t go overboard though. Two-three quotes is sufficient.
  • Avoid those companies who choose to use dumpsters – Not always, but way back when it was a dead giveaway when a so called company would use a dumpster. It screamed they weren’t stable enough to handle the added expense of gas or insurance associated with using dump-trucks. Dumpsters were and are a cheap “alternative”. One that is highly frowned upon.
  • Know the difference between price and cost. – You get what you pay for. Going with a cheaply priced contractor who supplies a failing roof a short time down the road means it will cost you thousands extra in subsequent repairs. Cheap isn’t always best!


Follow Your Gut!

If a company seems “fishy” they probably are! Go with your first instinct and do your research in order to hire a reputable, licensed, and insured contractor; that will bring you a beautiful roof to last for many years!

~Frank Istueta